New Moms Returning To Work: What To Pack In The Diaper Bag And Your Purse

Being a first-time mom is both an exhilarating and exhausting experience – and something that makes it more difficult is planning to return to work after maternity leave. Feeling prepared will help make the transition easier. If you already picked out a daycare center, your next step is to pack both the diaper bag and your purse with the necessities. Packing Baby’s Diaper Bag It’s important that you drop off your baby early enough to arrive at work on time. One suggestion to decrease the hassle of early morning preparation is to purchase a separate diaper bag solely for daycare. Read More →

Set Your Preschool Apart by Seeking Accreditation

Thanks to an emphasis on early childhood education, there are many preschools throughout the United States. No matter what city or town you’re in, there are probably at least several preschools serving the area. For children, this is great news, as kids have excellent access to pre-kindergarten education. For people who run a preschool, however, it can be difficult to distinguish their program from all of the other ones nearby. If you operate a preschool, one way you can set it apart is by seeking accreditation. All preschools are required to be licensed If you run a preschool, then you’re Read More →