Which Reading Program Is Best For Your Child? Here Are 4 Tips To Help You Choose

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Which Reading Program Is Best For Your Child? Here Are 4 Tips To Help You Choose

3 March 2022
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If your child is struggling with reading, you are likely in the market for an effective reading program. If your child is in school, their teachers may have a specific program that they would like them to use. Choosing to use a teacher-led reading program will come with the benefit of the teacher's experience where they can offer support. However, there are many standalone reading programs available online and in stores that may better suit your child's needs. If you choose to get a standalone reading program, there are several things you should look for including, but not limited to:


Some programs come with reading tests that even parents can administer. Reading tests and assessments are extremely helpful in figuring out exactly where your child may be struggling. Kids can also benefit from periodic testing to make sure that their reading is improving appropriately. 

Age-Appropriate Material

You should choose a reading program that has age-appropriate reading material. Parents of younger readers may struggle to find material that is simple enough for their child to understand, with short and simple words. Likewise, older children will need interesting material with words at their reading level. Many children enjoy comical or silly books that engage their imagination and help them to want to read. If your child is not enjoying reading books, you may just need to try different authors or storylines until you find something that clicks. 

A Research-Based Program

It is important that you choose a program that is backed by scientifically-based research. This means that some sort of testing has been done to see if this program is effective in teaching children how to read. You may want to do some research into what has been done to test the program you are considering. The words 'scientifically-based' can mean different things to different people, so you may just want to make sure that the reading program you are interested in has been proven to make a difference in reading levels. 


Every reading program costs a different amount of money, so you may just want to shop around. It is incredible how vast the prices can vary. Taking the time to shop around could save you a lot of money in the long run. 

In conclusion, choosing the right kids reading program for your little reader can be challenging, but if you put in the time to do your research you will find the right one.