Some Of The Less Commonly Known Benefits Of Daycare

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Some Of The Less Commonly Known Benefits Of Daycare

26 June 2017
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If you have a young child and are considering returning to the workforce, then you may be looking at daycare centers. While many mothers feel as though they are abandoning their children, most kids thrive when they are enrolled in daycare at an early age. In fact, there are a variety of benefits to daycare that are not well known. Keep reading to learn about a few that you may not be familiar with. 

Strengthened Immune System

You may understand that your child's immune system is weak and it will strengthen over time. However, you may not know exactly how this happens. Well, the immune system strengthens or becomes more effective as your child is exposed to viruses and bacteria. When the body is exposed to a virus, the immune system identifies the intruder and creates an antibody for it. This process takes some time, and your child will likely become ill before a useful antibody is formulated. However, once the antibody is developed, it will be used to identify the virus in the future. The immune system can then work quickly to eradicate it. As more and more antibodies are created, the immune system becomes more efficient and can fight off diseases without your child always becoming ill. When a virus does cause an illness, symptoms will not be as severe, and they will pass much more quickly. 

Since children need to be exposed to viruses to build a strong immune system, a daycare facility with children who are prone to illnesses can help this. While daycare facilities do have strict rules when it comes to bringing children to facilities with fevers and stomach bugs, and rightfully so, viruses can still be transferred to children, much in the same way that they do at primary school. This same sort of thing can happen in almost any public setting, but children are exposed to a great deal more people when attending a child care center. 

When your child starts grade school, the strong immune system can pay off, especially when it comes to combating absenteeism. Absenteeism and the missing of school days due to illness can have a profound effect on the benefits of early childhood education. In other words, by exposing your child to illnesses in public areas, you can help to decrease developmental and intellectual issues later on.

Increased Social Awareness

You may understand that socialization is important for children, but some parents believe that this extends only to the positive aspects of your child having friends. This is not the only benefit though. Children who socialize amongst their own peer group develop social awareness skills that allow them to build both self-esteem and empathy. Both of these things are developed in the way your child observes peers and the different reactions to words and behaviors. 

Specifically, your child will become accustomed early on to the way that certain behaviors and language are rewarded while others are punished. Through this learning process, your child will gain a better social awareness.

No only can play activities assist with these things, but daycare centers actively encourage cooperation, teamwork, patience, and inclusion. Problem-solving skills and an outlet for negative feelings are a few things that are encouraged as well.

The social skills your child learns can help your child make friends and positive peer relationships in kindergarten. These early relationships are a good indication of future relationships and the way that your child will retain their self esteem as they age. In other words, daycare socialization can assist with middle school and high school social awkwardness that commonly affects children. 

Daycare has a variety of benefits and positives that you may already know, but there are many that may not come to mind immediately. If you want to know about how child care services can help your child, speak with a facility in your area. For more information, check out websites like