Online High School: Signs Your Child Needs This Education

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Online High School: Signs Your Child Needs This Education

7 October 2020
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Does your child struggle in school? Do they have a hard time balancing their lives and get all their schoolwork done at the same time? Does your child have issues with socialization, either by having few friends and feeling left out or by having too much of a social life so their schoolwork suffers?

Online high school is something you can consider to help your child get and stay on track and graduate proudly. An online high school program may be right for your child. Use this guide to help you understand the signs your child can thrive from online high school.

They have too many activities outside of school

Is your child in a sports program? Are they in speech or other types of therapy that takes them out of class? Does your child have a job or role at church that takes away from their homework?

Does it look like your child has too many activities outside of school? If your child has lots of important things they're trying to manage and their schooling is almost getting in the way, consider having your child do online high school. While they will still have to check-in live for some classes, an online high school curriculum can allow them to get their education on a more flexible schedule so they don't have to compromise the activities they love for the education they need.

They have a split home situation

Many teenagers have divorced parents and spend time between parents. If your child is in this situation and you or the other parent live outside the school district, your child can benefit from being able to see both their parents more by taking online high school classes instead of going to school in a traditional fashion. Ask your high school child if they would consider part or full time online high school to make their living situation easier on them.

They have a social dilemma

Is your child suffering academically at school due to their social life? This can be due to them not having many friends and feeling uninspired in school, or by having an ample social life and focusing more on their friendships than their grades. In either situation, switching gears for your high school student and having them be educated at home in an online high school program can help them stay on track of their academic career until they can manage their social life and schooling more readily.

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