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Education is certainly key to success in the increasingly competitive world that we live in. With the two young kids that we have, we try to find the best educational options to give them a head start before they hit their grade school years. Parental involvement is vital to helping a child succeed educationally. There are many options out there, including online education sources, local pre-school, as well as fun apps and games that can help a child develop key skills and increase their cognitive abilities. This site is all about helping you explore those options and put them to work for your child.


Learn How To Choose A Great Preschool For Your Special Needs Child

16 May 2017
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If you notice that your child is delayed in their speech or is having a hard time grasping day to day information, they may have a learning disability that is making it difficult for them to learn properly. Many parents choose to wait to get their child any help for a learning disability until their children start school. The sooner you can get your child help, the better because the younger the children are, the easier it is for them to absorb information. Read More …

4 Ways That Daycare Benefits Children

24 April 2017
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You need to put your child in daycare. You have a job, go to school or have some other major reason that takes you away from your little one. That's okay. Plenty of parents choose daycare. Almost 11 million children under age 5 are in child care each week, according to Child Care Aware of America. Even though you picked a center to provide supervision and care while you're away, your child is actually benefitting from her day there. Read More …